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The only thing better than enjoying one of these delightful drinks is sharing them with friends and family—so get ready to mix up some amazing libations this season! With these easy recipes and tips, anyone can become an expert bartender in no time. If you're looking for something special for your next party or gathering, check out these 10 delightfully flavorful cocktails that will help you make the most of springtime.


Tropical Bliss

Tropical Bliss 

A sweet tropical drink that will make you feel like you are sitting on the beach!

Combine two ounces of Malibu rum, half an ounce of dark rum, one ounce of coconut cream, and a splash of orange juice in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a martini glass for a refreshingly fruity spring cocktail. 


Raspberry Rose Fizz

Raspberry Rose Fizz

A berry delicious spritz that will brighten up your start to the Spring season!

Mix one and one-half ounces of gin with three ounces of raspberry lime soda and one-fourth teaspoon of rose water in a tall glass over a shard of cocktail ice. Garnish with fresh raspberries for an aromatic spring drink. 

Spring Blossom Margarita  

Who doesn’t love a refreshing margarita in the sweet springtime? Sweeten up your day with this sweet peach margarita recipe.

Blend together two cups of frozen peach slices, six ounces of tequila, two tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice, one tablespoon of honey or agave nectar, one-eighth teaspoon of almond extract, and one-fourth cup of sparkling rosé wine. Serve in a salt-rimmed glasses and top it off with extra sparkling rosé wine if desired – sweet perfection!  

Orange Blossom Whiskey Sour 

Orange Blossom Whiskey Sour  

The bourbon brings a subtle sweetness to the Orange Blossom Whiskey Sour. These flavors meld perfectly with the citrusy orange blossom simple syrup, though you can sub for orange blossom water if you want something less sweet.

Combine two ounces of bourbon, three-fourths ounces of lemon juice, and three-fourths ounces of orange blossom simple syrup in a shaker with ice. Shake until it is all diluted and chill for about thirty seconds. Lastly, pour into a rocks glass with over a cocktail ice rock and garnish with the orange slice and cherry.


Lemon Verbena Collins

A gorgeous pastel-hued cocktail that screams “springtime sunshine!"

Mix three ounces of gin, one ounce of freshly pressed lemon verbena tea syrup, and half a teaspoon of yuzu citrus liqueur (optional), and top with club soda. Stir gently and pour into a Collins glass filled with lots of ice cubes. Finish the drink with a garnish of edible flower petals (& maybe even some pretty pink grapefruit wedges!).

Whiskey Lemonade

A no-frills favorite, Whiskey Lemonade provides a cocktail perfect for sipping on the porch. 

Fill two glasses half full of ice in a cocktail shaker. Add four ounces of whiskey, four ounces of lemonade concentrate, and ten ounces of water. Shake or stir to mix and pour over a cocktail ice sphere, dividing evenly between glasses. Finish with a garnish of fresh lemon slices or wedges! 


Pineapple Mint Julep

Pineapple Mint Julep

A delicious tropical take on traditional Southern-style julep that is ideal for all your warmer weather needs!   

Place six pineapple cubes plus seven or eight mint leaves in a julep tin, then muddle lightly. Proceed to add two-ounce bourbon whiskey, then fill the rest of the tins way full of crushed ice. Stir vigorously until the outside of the tin becomes frosty, and then double strain contents through a fine mesh strainer. Pour the contents back into the julep tin, then pour it into a serving glass rimmed with sugar.


Strawberry Lavender Mojito

Strawberry Lavender Mojito

A delightful twist on the classic mojito, just perfect for sipping during these warmer months! 

Muddle ten lavender flowers and the juice from half a lime in the bottom of your favorite mojito mug before adding eight strawberries that have been chopped up small. Then add two to three ounces of white rum and top off with club soda. Garnish your cocktail with a fresh mint sprig and strawberry slices, and add The Shard cocktail ice, too, to keep your cocktail cool.

Cherry Blossom Spritz

An ethereal bubbly concoction that looks like liquid cherry blossoms fell all over your glass! 

In a large pitcher, combine twelve ounces of cherry puree, three ounces of Aperol Campari liqueur, and nine ounces of chilled brut sparkling wine. Chill thoroughly, and when ready to serve, divide the above mixture amongst twelve champagne flutes, each filled halfway. To the top of each flute, fill with crushed ice and add two-thirds more sparking wine (or seltzer water), then finish by garnishing each flute using dried cherry blossoms or brightly colored edible hibiscus petals.     


Ginger Peach Bellini

Ginger Peach Bellini

An elegant springtime sip that is absolutely bursting with fragrant peach flavors enhanced by subtle hints of spicy gingery goodness.

Prepare a simple ginger syrup by bringing equal parts sugar and water plus several pieces of peeled ginger root to a gentle boil, stirring continuously until the sugar has dissolved completely. Then, allow the mixture to cool down at room temperature for about twenty minutes. Discard ginger pieces and combine four ripe peaches mashed along with four tablespoons of prepared ginger simple syrup. Proceed to slowly stir in sixteen ounces of Prosecco Italian sparking wine and divide evenly among eight champagne flutes making sure not to spill since the foam will appear once fully incorporated!



If you're looking for an exciting way to upgrade your cocktails, consider our craft ice. Not only does it look beautiful and make a statement as part of the presentation - but it adds texture and dilution that can help enhance the flavor of the drink, resulting in a more enjoyable cocktail-drinking experience. Our craft ice is durable and typically lasts longer than standard cubes! So, forget the hassle of cocktail ice cube trays and all the space they take up. Simply let our craft cocktail ice arrive at your door. Don't let ordinary ice stand in the way of extraordinary cocktails - buy our craft ice today!


Pair these delicious spring cocktails with some delicious recipes perfect for the warm weather such as Bacon-Wrapped FIlet Mignon Bites, Steak Salad with Green Goddess Dressing, or Grilled Salmon with Fresh Summer Popped Tomato Sauce. Start planning your meal here.
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