4 Spring Vegetable + Meat Pairings You Have to Try

March 24, 2021
4 Spring Vegetable + Meat Pairings You Have to Try

Mom always told you to eat your veggies — and now we’re telling you what to eat them with! (Besides, without the right vegetable alongside it, meat just looks lonely on a plate!) 

With these scrumptious spring vegetable and meat combinations, you’re in for a satisfying seasonal meal (or four). Ahead, check out a few of our go-to pairings for unfussy, nutritious meals:

Beef Filet Mignon + Pan-Seared Asparagus 

When you’re enjoying the most tender selection of a beef tenderloin, a well-chosen side dish can push it over the edge into flavor nirvana. A simple preparation of asparagus is a wonderful choice because that little bit of crunch pairs perfectly with a smooth-as-butter cut.

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New York Strip + Creamed Spinach

These two are a classic match made in tastebud heaven! The fresh spinach in a creamy sauce provides a bright contrast to the richness of the beef. There’s a reason why these two are frequently paired!

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Lamb + Sauteed Artichokes

Lamb is loved for its sweet, robust flavor, which lends itself nicely to the fleshy, nutty taste of artichoke hearts. With the peak season of artichokes occurring between March and May, spring’s the perfect time to try out a new recipe! Bonus: Lamb is chock-full of vitamins and nutrients like B12, B6, niacin, zinc, selenium and iron. When paired with a green vegetable like artichokes, dinner is both delicious and nutritious.

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Pork Chops + Roasted New Potatoes

Easy, flavorful, and loved by the whole family, pork chops and potatoes are a winning combination. Plus, new potatoes are a snap to cook in the oven, which makes weeknight dinner a breeze. Try roasting new potatoes with fresh sage, garlic, and rosemary for a major wow-factor.

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Now that you know a few complementary flavors, you can take home-cooked meals to all new heights. Step one? Getting the freshest cuts of meat delivered overnight to your door! Place your order now.

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