Here’s How It Works

Add all of your gift selections to your cart and select “Ship to Multiple Addresses” at checkout.
Enter the shipping address and contact information for each recipient.
Select what product should go to which recipient based on what’s in your cart.
Enter a gift note and select a delivery date for each recipient.
Checkout by entering your payment information once. Once confirmed – we’ll take it from there!
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I want to gift the USDA Prime & Choice Box to five different clients. How can I do that in one checkout?

Add 1 box to your cart and increase the quantity to 5 (so that you have five boxes total in your cart.) At checkout, select “Ship to Multiple Adresses” and add the shipping address of each recipient, adjusting the quantity to show one box per recipient. Proceed to checkout and enter your payment information.

Do you provide discounts for corporate clients?

At this time, we do not provide discounts for corporate orders.

Can I buy my gifts now and schedule them to deliver on a certain date?

Yes! Simply select your desired delivery date at checkout and we’ll ship your order to arrive by that date.

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