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These recipes are our go-to options when leftover ground beef or steak are involved. They’re simple, easy, and quick - and most times, you won’t even realize it’s a second chance meal!


Leftover Ground Beef

Do you have some leftover burgers? Turn them into a Sweet Potato Skillet! This recipe is hearty and healthy, with kale, sweet potatoes, and roasted red peppers. The first step is cooking one pound of ground beef and then putting it aside until the other steps are complete, so it’s the perfect way to use up leftover burgers or other ground beef. Simply chop up or crumble the burgers by hand and then heat in a skillet or the oven. You’re ready to follow the rest of the recipe as written. This one-skillet meal is a great comfort meal for chilly February!

Grass Run Farms Sweet Potato Skillet

Another fun and healthy meal idea for leftover ground beef are Zucchini Boats. The ground beef is mixed with pasta sauce and spices, stuffed into a hollowed zucchini, and finished with mozzarella cheese. This one is fun for the kids to help make! The first step for the beef is cooking it in a skillet with paprika, so just crumble your leftovers into a skillet and warm it up while mixing with the paprika. Then continue the recipe as written—what a fun way to get your veggies in.

Zucchini Boats with Ground Beef


Leftover Steak

Leftover steak is usually rare (pun intended), but it does happen when you’ve prepared enough for a crowd that may end up filling up on the many appetizers first. Don’t worry; we won’t let that juicy steak go to waste. Why not try a Steakhouse Mashed Potato Bowl? 

This recipe combines the tender steak, creamy potatoes, and salad of a traditional steakhouse experience in one comforting and scrumptious bowl, layering the potatoes first, then the steak, and topping it with the salad (blue cheese, spinach, mushrooms, and crispy fried onions). We’re drooling already. You’ll simply heat the steak in a skillet or the oven and then slice it against the grain to prep it for these bowls.

Steakhouse Mashed Potato Bowls

Here's another great recipe for your leftover steak. This Steak Wrap with Peanut Sauce is an easy and delicious option that combines fresh radishes, lettuce, carrots, a tangy peanut sauce, and your steak, all wrapped in a soft tortilla. Like the Steakhouse Bowls, you’ll just heat the steak in a skillet or the oven before slicing it against the grain.

Make sure to save any leftover peanut sauce! It’s great as a dip for veggies or on another salad. 

Grilled Steak Wraps with Peanut Sauce

You’ll be making extra steak on purpose from now on after trying these recipes! How does a juicy steak sandwich with Havarti, arugula, and a wasabi cream sauce on a ciabatta roll sound? It sounds heavenly to us!

Steak Sandwiches with Wasabi Cream Sauce

Extra Tips

When you’re reheating your leftover beef, avoid using the microwave. It will just toughen and dry out your meat. The time savings isn’t worth it in this case, so use either a skillet or the oven. Here are some tips for using the oven to reheat your beef.

Remember, if you always start with the highest quality ingredients, your leftovers will always be great.

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