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Due to their capacity for high heat volume, cast iron skillets are many at-home artisans’ first choice for cooking meat and seafood. Whether in the oven or on the stove, cast iron skillets are great for…

  • Searing

  • Roasting

  • Braising

  • Deep-Frying

Plus, if you’re choosing high-quality cuts, it’s best to avoid coated skillets that can introduce unwanted chemicals to your meat. 

It’s safe to say that taking care of your cast iron will take care of you and your steak. So, here are the DOs and DON’Ts of cleaning your classic skillet:


  • Put It In The Dishwasher - Too much water can be bad for cast iron, and most dishwashing detergent will strip your skillet’s seasoning.

  • Use Any Soap - You’ll risk absorbing soap flavor into your cast iron. But, if you must use soap, lightly coat the skillet in grapeseed oil afterward and heat in the oven for 10 minutes at 300°.

  • Soak It in Water Overnight - This amount of water exposure could result in rust.

  • Use Harsh Abrasives - Scouring tools, like stainless steel sponges, can also strip the seasoning from your skillet.


  • Drain the Fat and Oil - Pour out the leftover mess while the skillet is still hot, then wipe dry with a rag or paper towel.

  • Clean with a Salt Paste - Pick a coarse salt, and pour a generous pile into your skillet. Then, add just enough water to form a rough paste and scrub as needed. You can use a rag to scrub and wipe, but some even use a potato!

  • Rinse with Warm Water - Use warm water with your rinse, as cold water on a warm pan can cause slight structural stress.

  • Dry Thoroughly with a Hand Towel - This will help prevent pesky rust patches.

Ready to clean yet? We’re not saying it’s fun. But, when you’re preparing clean meat and seafood, it’s more than worth it. 

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