Herb & Garlic Butter Basted Cast Iron Steak

There are other ways to cook steak aside from the grill, and using a scorching-hot cast-iron skillet is one of our favorites. This herb and garlic butter basted recipe combines simple ingredients with a very straightforward technique and includes our favorite Mr. Stick's Steakhouse Seasoning for rich flavor.

March 18, 2022
Herb & Garlic Butter Basted Cast Iron Steak

The secret to cooking restaurant-quality steaks at home? Market House cuts, Mr. Stick's Steakhouse Seasoning and a cast-iron skillet! This Herb & Garlic Butter Basted Cast Iron Steak recipe is made with simple ingredients & uses a very straightforward technique. You'll learn how to use a cast-iron skillet to cook the perfect steak every time – juicy & melt-in-your-mouth tender with a beautifully browned & crusty sear, & finished with a rich, flavorful herby garlic butter baste. Once you master it, it'll be your go-to stovetop steak method!





  1. Steak Prep – Season all sides of the steak with kosher salt and let sit in the fridge for at least 2 hours.  30 minutes before cooking, remove the steak from the refrigerator & let it come up to room temperature.

  2. Place a cast-iron skillet over high heat (we use a 12-inch one). Preheat until the cast iron is very hot (5-7 minutes). 

  3. Pat the steak completely dry with a paper towel. Season with ground black pepper.

  4. Sear the steak, using the frequent-turning method. If your steak has a nice fat cap, you can begin by rendering it slightly. Use tongs to hold the steak upright, placing the fat cap on the hot skillet. Cook 2-3 minutes until the fat cap begins to develop nice golden brown color. Remove the steak from heat and set it aside for a moment.

  5. Carefully add avocado oil to the skillet, adding just enough to coat the bottom of the skillet. Once the oil is hot & begins to smoke, carefully place the steak on one side of the skillet. Cook for 30 seconds. Carefully flip & cook for 30 seconds more. Continue flipping the steak every 30 seconds. Five minutes will yield a medium-rare steak. Adjust cooking time based on your preference. An instant-read thermometer is also helpful.

  6. Reduce the heat to low. Carefully add Mr. Stick's Compound Butter to the skillet. Tilt the skillet toward you, so the butter pools alongside the edge of the skillet nearest you. Use a large spoon to baste the butter over top the steak repeatedly for 30 seconds.

  7. Transfer the steak to a plate and set aside to rest for 10-15 minutes.

  8. Cut the steak. Slice against the grain into 1/4-inch thick strips. Serve immediately, topped with flaky sea salt & browned butter from the pan

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