Flipping Eight Grill Myths

Grilling meat is as old as humanity itself. And as a tradition reaching that far back into history, there are bound to be some misconceptions sizzling up along the way. So, we’ve rounded up seven of these grilling myths. And put them to rest.

February 2, 2023
Flipping Eight Grill Myths

 1. Charcoal grills are superior to gas grills - The charcoal grill is the clear winner in terms of craft and making that ribeye all the more juicy. But, in terms of convenience and just turning up the heat and flipping your burgers (while you’re ultimately paying more attention to the game on TV), the gas grill comes out victorious. In other words, it all comes down to your goals and preferences


2. A cookout means cheating on your diet - There’s a strong association between grilling and unhealthy food. And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with a good splurge from time to time. But, by focusing on the right ingredients, grilling is a great way to meet your health goals. Learn more about the nutritional benefits of red meat here!


3. Smoking meat is for the pros - While smoking is a time-honored craft that takes years to master, it doesn’t always have to be complicated. Take this easy recipe as an example.


4. Grilling is an expensive hobby - We all have that friend who may or may not have spent way too much on their backyard cookout space, but there are affordable options that’ll do the job just fine. You can find small charcoal grills for a little more than $20. And, in the wild event that your grill, stove, and oven are all out of commission, you can even cook steak with some plastic bags and a dishwasher (more of a clever last resort than a recommended method). 


5. Lifting the lid is bad news - You’ve probably heard before that lifting your grill’s lid stalls the progress of your cook. However, the difference it makes (if any) is minuscule. This is due to the way the heat seeps into the middle of your cut, cooking it from the inside and insulating itself. So, lifting your lid for a moment won’t let the heat of your cut escape. And you’re still well on your way to something delectable. 


6. You don’t have time to grill tonight - It’s true, some cuts take longer than others. But, burgers, skewers, and kebabs all only take a few minutes. And, with the right seasoning, you don't need much more than the meat itself. For an especially fast side dish, simply throw some veggies or fruit on the grill for quick crispy goodness.


7. The pink juice inside your steak is blood - Good news, the pink juice you see inside your steak or burger isn’t actually blood. It’s a mixture of water, protein, and a red pigment called myoglobin. And, just like the rest of your cut, it’s totally safe to eat when cooked to the proper temp. 


8. You should avoid steak in the morning - While Steak & Eggs may not be the breakfast of champions, it is the breakfast of astronauts. That’s right. For decades, space explorers have made a tradition of enjoying the meal before launch. If it’s good enough for rocketing off the planet, it’s good enough for us!

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