A Glimpse Into The History of American Wagyu

The history of American Wagyu is one that spans decades, from the very first imports to the present day. The Wagyu breed has been bred for a variety of purposes over the years, and their heritage in America is a fascinating story. Want to know more? Keep reading…

April 20, 2023
A Glimpse Into The History of American Wagyu



Wagyu cattle can be traced back to Japan, where they have been raised since ancient times, as early as 3500 B.C., when they were used primarily as draft animals or for meat production. Over time, Japanese farmers began breeding them with other breeds, creating cows with superior marbling and flavor. This long-standing tradition led to the creation of several distinct strains within the Wagyu breed: Japanese Black (Kuroge), Japanese Brown (Akage), and Japanese Shorthorn (Nihon Tankaku). 


It wasn't until 1976 when American consumers got their first taste of purebred Wagyu beef – imported by Rod Gray at Central Meat Co in Colorado Springs, CO – beginning what would later become known as "the Kobe Beef Boom" in America. The initial imports came from Japan's renowned Tajima region. They included Kuroge Washu and Akage Washu cattle, which quickly became popular among gourmands in search of something special - a unique culinary experience found nowhere else on earth. 


Since then, interest in American-raised full-blood Wagyu beef has skyrocketed due to its reputation for an exceptional eating experience; its incredibly tender texture and intense flavor make it impossible not to love! In addition, more people are now discovering the health benefits of Wagyu beef. Studies show that monounsaturated fatty acids, such as oleic acid, are higher in full-blood Wagyu beef than in regular beef. In contrast, saturated fats such as cholesterol are lower, making Wagyu a great option for those who may be trying to reduce cholesterol intake but don't want to miss out on this exceptional flavor


At Market House, we sell Sakura American Wagyu Beef from Sakura Wagyu Farms. This farm was started in 2017 when four farmers teamed up with some of the most experienced individuals in genetics, cow-calf production, and nutrition and feeding for the best marbling to create world-class American Wagyu beef. Their cattle is pasture raised without hormones or antibiotics, combining centuries old traditions practiced in Japan with modern technology and techniques. Treat yourself to that delicious marbling with one of our Classic or Signature options, shipped overnight right to your door.


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