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However, today we’re making the argument that it’s time to change that. Here are four compelling reasons to make a lamb dish part of your weekly rotation.

Lamb is Packed With Nutritional Goodness

Often, we consume meat in a meal to check off the protein box. And while it’s true that lamb is a great source of protein — in fact, it provides all eight essential amino acids — it also offers several other nutritional advantages.

Eating just a four-ounce serving of lamb gives you 41 percent of your daily vitamin B12, 49 percent of your daily selenium, 39 percent of your daily vitamin B3, 31 percent of your daily zinc, 23 percent of your daily phosphorous and 15 percent of your daily iron. That’s quite the list! These vitamins and nutrients help support essential body functions like maintaining a healthy nervous and digestive system, promoting healthy circulation, supporting immunity, keeping your bones and teeth healthy, and more. In short, lamb is basically a super food. 

Lamb is a Staple of the Mediterranean Diet

You’ve likely heard of the great health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet — starting with the advantages of eating fish to consume more omega-3 fatty acids. There’s a reason these healthy fats are so coveted. In addition to reducing inflammation and boosting brain health, omega-3s can also reduce your risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

However, while fish is the most well-known source of omega-3 fatty acids, guess what entrée is also packed with healthy fats? That’s right: lamb. This is great news for people who either don’t enjoy eating fish or need some added variety. Plus, why bother with the unsettling after taste of a fish oil supplement when you can just enjoy a nice lamb chop?

Lamb is High in Cancer-fighting Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Like other ruminant animals, lamb is a great source of conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA. Numerous studies have shown that, due to its antioxidant properties, consuming CLA can disrupt the replication of cancer cells and either prevent or reduce the spread of cancer. Just make sure you’re getting high quality lamb — the CLA content is significantly higher in grass-fed animals than grain-fed.

Lamb is Delicious and Flavorful

Last, but certainly not least, lamb is delicious. The depth of taste lends itself to a variety of cooking styles, from Mediterranean spices to Middle Eastern flavors. Whether preparing a full leg of lamb for a feast, serving up a sliced rack of lamb or enjoying ground lamb in a Shepherd’s Pie, there are plenty of great options for adding this nutritious meat to your family dinner plans. Why not enjoy all of the health benefits and a hearty, delicious meal?

A good meal starts with good ingredients. Shop grass-fed lamb now.


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