Ranking Our Cuts of Steak From Leanest to Fattiest

July 20, 2021
Ranking Our Cuts of Steak From Leanest to Fattiest

Steak is one dish that’s associated with special occasions and deluxe dinners — and there’s a good reason for that! Steaks of any cut offer a savory flavor that stands in its own league, but which option has the most amount of fat?

Fattier cuts are typically to be more tender, while leaner cuts can be tasty without the high calorie count. All options are delicious (in our humble opinion), but your tastebuds and dietary preferences will have to do the decision making on what's the best option for you. 

All steaks are rich in nutrients that our bodies need, such as vitamins B12 and B6, zinc, selenium, iron, and niacin. The amount of fat in each cut ranges dramatically, from about 10 grams and up to 40 grams. Ahead, we’re reviewing cuts of steak from leanest to fattiest — check it out! 

Top Sirloin

Known for being juicy and flavorful without oodles of fat, top sirloins are delicious cooked whole or cut up into kabobs. Our 100% grass-fed version will have your mouth watering — trust us. You’ll want to cook this one hot and fast to a minimum of 135ºF, but not too far past medium rare. The reason why is because there’s a relatively small amount of marbling in this cut, so you’ll want to retain as much moisture as possible.  

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Tenderloin Filet 

The tenderloin filet, or commonly known as a filet mignon, is extremely tender with a rich, buttery flavor. For those reasons, it’s one of the most popular choices in restaurants and for at-home preparations. This cut comes from the thicker end of the tenderloin — a section of muscle that doesn’t have that much work to do, so it’s not very tough. Delightfully delicate and highly sought after, the tenderloin filet is ideal for anyone looking for a smaller portion size (but flavor that still packs a punch). 

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New York Strip

Another steakhouse favorite, the New York Strip is the quintessential grilling steak. Why? Because it’s marbled just enough to sizzle and sear to perfection. Plus, this cut is a bit more firm and can stand up to tongs without losing all of its juicy goodness. Rich texture plus incredible flavor — what’s not to love?!

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This cut is intensely marbled, making it remarkably flavorful — and likely the reason it's called “America’s favorite steak.” This prized cut comes from the rib section (hence the name), and is surprisingly versatile in the way it can be cooked. The hearty fat layered throughout allows it to retain its juiciness whether you sear it on the stovetop or slow roast it in the oven. Would we recommend eating a deliciously fatty ribeye at every meal? Um, no. It’s an indulgence and a special occasion treat — but take this as a sign that you’ve officially earned one. 

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If you’ve made it this far, we’re just going to assume you’re practically salivating. But what will it be — the lean, lighter cut of the top sirloin, the fantastic fattiness of a ribeye, or somewhere in between? Do yourself a favor and order a gorgeous steak dinner (and hey, who says you can’t order a few different options and determine your favorite later?). Stock up now!

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