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That's why we're here to let you in on a little secret: Grilling doesn't have to happen only in the summer. In fact, there are lots of great fall favorites that are perfect for the grill. 

Follow this fall grilling line-up to ease the transition into cooler weather with some delicious eats. 

Grilled sweet potatoes

Whether wrapped in foil and baked or sliced and seared, caramelized sweet potatoes on the grill makes for a delicious fall side dish. And, hey — you may as well grill your protein while you're at it.  

Grilled butternut squash skewers 

Make skewers of cubed chicken, cubed butternut squash and Brussels sprouts, then drizzle in olive oil and your seasonings of choice. Serve it up with a side of rice and you'll have a festive grilled harvest bowl.  

Grilled pork loin with apples and sage

There are few activities that scream "fall" more than apple picking, and the fruits of your labor can help create this show-stopper of a meal: grilled pork loin with apples and sage. The smokiness from the grill will make you crave this dinner all fall long. 

Grilled steak with autumn hash

Let's be honest — it's always steak-grilling season. However, you can really bring in the fall spirit by topping your grilled steak with this autumn hash. Grill up some seasonal vegetables on the side and have yourself a fall celebration. 

Grilled maple cheddar burgers with spicy apple bacon compote

Talk about the ultimate fall combination. These burgers will meet every seasonal craving you have in one flavor-packed bite. Plus, there's no reason the summer joy of "burgers on the grill" should be limited to just three months. 

Grilled chicken wings

Fall is synonymous with tailgating, and we all know the ultimate game day food: chicken wings. Not to mention, the grill is the perfect place to grill up a big batch of chicken wings before smothering them in your favorite wing sauce.   

So, before you roll that grill into your garage for winter, take advantage of fall grilling. Not only will you not get as hot standing in front of the grates, but you'll be enjoying some of the most savory seasonal flavor combinations.  

Stock up for fall grilling. 

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