How to Achieve Those Perfect Diamond-Shaped Grill Marks

Hint: It's a lot easier than you think. 

June 7, 2019
How to Achieve Those Perfect Diamond-Shaped Grill Marks

Ever wondered how professional chefs and pit-masters are able to pull off those picture-perfect ‘zebra’ marks without overcooking the meat? Well, the good news is: it’s a lot easier to do at home than you think.

All it takes is a little strategic preparation to be wowing your buddies with commercial-worthy steaks in no time.

Here are a few simple grilling tips to practice at your next BBQ: 

  • Preheat your grill on HIGH at least 13 minutes before putting a steak down.
  • While the grill is heating up, clean the grates carefully using an abrasive grill brush with steel bristles.
  • Wipe the grates with a cotton towel dipped in cooking oil to remove carbon stains from interfering with the process as you try to achieve those diamond-shaped grill marks. You can also oil meat during prep to enhance the ‘seared’ look.
  • Once the steps above are complete, place your steak on the grill and let it sear until the meat begins to naturally release from the grill. After a few minutes, gently tip your spatula under one corner; if there’s tug, then it isn’t ready yet.
  • Using the center of the meat as the axis point, turn your steak about 45 degrees (one quarter turn). Let sear for a couple more minutes according to desired doneness. 
  • Finally, flip the steak over and repeat the process on the other side as desired, but be careful not to overcook. Use a meat thermometer if necessary.

Note: the steps above can apply to pork, poultry, fish, ground beef, and more. 

We told you, it was that easy. Now go stock up on premium cuts for your next grill session here

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