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Those who grill will tell you that meat isn't just meat. There are different grades and cuts that make some options more elite than others, and the source is a huge factor. Here at Market House, we only partner with the best farmers and fishers who are all committed to sustainability and humane practices. Our meats include grass-fed, non-GMO and organic options, while our seafood is always wild-caught and flash frozen for freshness. 


Meat Subscriptions: Yum!

For the always-grilling, meat-obsessed grillmaster - a subscription pack is the way to go. Here at Market House we have several different subscription offerings to choose from that incorporate different cuts and types of meat including beef, pork and poultry. For the red-meat aficionado we’d suggest the Wagyu Box, which includes ground beef, ribeye steaks, tenderloin filets and New York strips. For a grill master who likes it all, or if you’re not sure what to choose - our Beef & Pork Box is a good go-to. This subscription includes ground beef, pork tenderloin, tenderloin filets, pork chops, and ribeye steaks. And, if you've got a land and sea lover on your list – our Surf and Turf Box will hit the spot. You'll get an assortment of USA wild-caught shrimp, Alaskan sockeye salmon, ground beef, filet mingon's, and pork chops.

Stock Their Freezer

If you know you want to gift meat, but don’t want to commit to a monthly subscription - Market House Packs are the way to go. This is a great way to stock your grillmaster’s freezer for the holidays and it’s a gift that you know they’ll love and most definitely put to good use. Our packs come several different ways - Grass-Fed & Grass-Finished for health-conscious beef lovers, Beef & Pork for those who like to switch it up, or our Surf and Turf pack for those who enjoy the land and sea for dinner.  

At-Home Butcher Experience

For the grill-master longing to become a butcher - our USDA Choice Full Beef Tenderloin is the perfect gift. This cut will allow your grillmaster to channel their inner chef by cutting a chateaubriand from the center, preparing filet mignon steaks, and using the ends and chain in stir-fries, kebabs, stews, and more. The gift that keeps on giving.  

Spices, Seasonings, and Hot Sauces…Oh My! 

To add an extra layer of spice to your grillmaster’s life - check out our pantry blends. From Guajillo Chicken Spice Rub to Burger Salt and Auntie Nono’s Firecracker Sea Salt, Market House has your spice needs covered. Savory, salty, smoky, and sweet: we’ve got it all. While you’re there, check out our hot sauces by Cry Baby Craig, Woos!, and Red Clay. All different, but all insanely delicious. We love dipping smoked chicken into Red Clay Hot Honey for a spicy, yet sweet, kick, and Woos! is good on everything - trust us.

Seafood Switch

For our ocean-loving grillmasters our seafood options are endless. Our fish options include salmon, sablefish, ahi tuna, swordfish, Alaskan cod, and halibut - all different, but all super tasty. And for those who love crab - our selection of Alaskan King Crab is the holy grail. Available in our super colossal or colossal size, these crab legs will create a meal fit for a king. And if they’d prefer to peel and eat - check out our shellfish spread. 

The Gift of Choice

If you aren’t sure what your grillmaster needs or prefers, the gift of choice never disappoints. A Market House gift card can be used for meats, seafood, spices, and seasonings. You can’t go wrong!

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