Gift Guide for the Meat Lover

Today we're talking about gifts for the grillers, carnivores and meat lovers in your life. Whether a seasoned home chef or a newbie cook trying to learn, these are the gifts they'll love to see wrapped up under the tree.

December 16, 2020
Gift Guide for the Meat Lover

A smoker

While the price point on smokers can run the gamut depending on what you're looking for, this is a versatile gift that even the novice cook can master. For the ultimate in flavorful, tender meat, you can't go wrong with a smoker. 

High-quality grill tools 

The tools they use on the grill matter — and if they don't think so, it's only because they haven't tried high-quality tools yet. Get them a nice set that will complement their grilling prowess. 

Special spice blends 

Playing around with new spice blend combos on the meat they cook is the love language of any good carnivore. Plus, as a bonus, spices and seasonings fit perfectly in a stocking as a little extra surprise. 

A new cookbook

Even though so many recipes can be found online these days, there's still nothing quite like flipping through a cookbook and getting inspired by a recipe. Find a cookbook that speaks to their meat-eating ways and go the extra mile by marking a few recipes that look extra delicious. 

A grilling apron 

Look, grilling can be messy business. A new apron tells them that you support their hobby and you're here to keep them looking fresh while their meat sizzles. 

A hot sauce set 

There's nothing quite like the right sauce with the right cut cooked to perfection. Especially if they're a fan of spice, you can't go wrong with a hot sauce set that will give their taste buds a boost.  

A gift card guessed it...meat

Why not just give them exactly what they love? A gift card allows them to stock up when they're ready and choose their favorite cuts. And you know where we'd recommend getting it from, right? 

Of course, you can also always send a box of meat directly to their door. Because let's be honest: Who wouldn't be excited to see that show up on the delivery truck? With these ideas in mind, you'll be ready to win the holidays for your favorite meat lover. 

Let's start shopping.


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