Get Your Holiday Menu Ideas Here!

It's been a hard year, and that calls for an extra special holiday season. This year, give in to your cravings and plan a menu that's everything you want, traditional or not. For instance, if you're not crazy about turkey...don't cook it!

November 24, 2020
Get Your Holiday Menu Ideas Here!

We know, we know. The holidays without turkey or ham is almost blasphemous. But answer us this: How good does filet mignon sound instead? Right? Right?  

We're full of ideas just like that to help you feel inspired this holiday season as you're planning your menu. Here are a few things to consider:  

When in doubt, wrap it in bacon.

Or cook it in bacon, add bacon to get the idea. When in doubt: bacon. From bacon wrapped asparagus bundles, to crispy Brussels sprouts with bacon, to bacon mashed potatoes, there's really no way you can go wrong.  

Get fancy with a Frenched rack of lamb.

No one will miss the turkey or ham at all if this is your centerpiece. Lamb is one of those meats that people generally think of as for a special occasion, so the holidays are the perfect excuse to enjoy this unique, decadent meat. Plus, the Frenched rack looks so elegant that everything else on your table is bound to feel elevated as a result. 

Don't be afraid to go small.

If the number of guests around your table is smaller this year, maybe it's the perfect opportunity to cook up just a half chicken or a smaller chuck roast. That way, you won't have to worry about coming up with ideas about repurposing leftovers that everyone will likely be sick of after just a few days. 

Embrace seafood. 

Why not mix it up entirely and throw a holiday crab feast? Or make it extra special with a surf and turf dinner? From steak and lobster, to chicken and shrimp, the land and the sea were destined to get together for the holidays.  

There's no reason that a non-traditional holiday can't be just as memorable — and we all know that food is a big part of making those memories. Get your loved ones in the kitchen with you, plan out a menu that gets everyone excited, then make the magic happen.  

We can help.


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