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July is National Grilling Month, and that’s the perfect excuse to get outside and perfect a few new dishes. Summer evenings spent with family or friends on the back deck is hard to beat — especially with the tantalizing smell of grilled meats wafting from the grill! Before you get to going, check out these must-know grilling tips.

  • Get the right tools for the job.
  • First and foremost, you have to have the gadgets and grilling tools required before you ever fire up the grill. They say tools make the man, but you don’t need every new product under the sun in order to succeed — just a few key components will get you rocking and rolling. Click here to check out our full list of tools you actually need (and nothing more!). 

  • Find the right heat for your meat. 
  • Your food’s outcome (and safety!) depends on cooking it at the correct temperature for the right amount of time. But cooking temperatures vary, and gauging it on the grill can feel overwhelming if you don’t know what to be looking for. Nobody wants a charred outside and frozen inside — and lucky for you, we’ve got the guide to get it right. Read it here!

  • Let your meat rest. 
  • This tip doesn’t *just* apply to grilling out, but it is easily overlooked when you’re trying to move things from indoors to outdoors, get food on the table, and keep everyone’s drinks refreshed. It’s crucial that you let your meat rest after grilling to allow the meat’s juices to even distribute throughout the cut. Wondering how long you should rest your particular cut? Find the answer here.

  • Put safety first.
  • In the excitement of having friends over to grill and getting everything prepped, safety standards may accidentally slip a bit. Ensure a tasty time by remembering these basic cooking best practices. First, if you’re transporting from the kitchen to the patio, be sure to keep meat, poultry, and seafood below 40 degrees F until it’s ready to be added to the grill. In other words, don’t let it sit out on the porch as you preheat the grill. Once you’re done, divide the leftovers into small portions and place in covered, shallow containers. Freeze or refrigerate within about one hour of  cooking, and try to eat within three to four days.

  • Learn how to reheat your leftovers. 
  • When you go through the planning and effort of cooking out, there are second helpings to go around (if you’re lucky!). If you want to avoid chewy, overly done meat as you go for round two, learn the best way to reheat your meat by reading this article

  • No grill? No problem. 
  • Maybe you live in an apartment, or maybe your grill is out of commission for the season. You can still get in on the meat goodness this month, even if grilling outdoors isn’t in the cards for you. Check out our best tips for cooking mouthwatering meals in the oven by clicking here.

    Of course, the best grill sessions start with the finest cuts. Stock up for grilling season now!
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