Your Guide to Pairing Meat and Beer 

January 4, 2021
Your Guide to Pairing Meat and Beer 

Meat is delicious.

Beer is delicious. 

And you know what? They're delicious together — when you can find the right combination. 

In fact, the right combination of meat and beer type can fully enhance the taste of both. And while some degree of pairing comes down to personal preference, there are some flavors that just work better together than others. 

Here's how to properly pair your entree with your drink: 

Classic burger and an IPA

IPAs can certainly be polarizing, but if there's one time you should have one, it's alongside a classic burger. The hopped-up style of an IPA alongside the juicy indulgence of a burger is an all-American combination if we've ever heard one. 

Filet mignon and a light lager 

Sure, we know filet mignon is traditionally paired with red wine, but don't let this fancier cut deter you from pouring a tall one. The subtle flavor of this steak is nicely enhanced by a light lager — meaning you won't have to worry about your drink outshining your cut. 

Roast chicken and pale ale 

A pale ale won't overpower the succulent flavor of your roast chicken, but isn't washed out enough that it won't still complement it. Plus, since pale ales often come with citrus accents, you could easily make your chicken marinade or seasonings work well with the accent notes in your ale. 

Lamb and dark lager 

Since lamb is a fattier, richer meat, a dark lager is the perfect pairing to balance it out. In fact, many lamb recipes even call for a dark beer braising, so this is one combo where you really can't go wrong. 

Pork chop and wheat beer

The sweetness of a wheat beer goes well with a grilled pork chop, in the same way that sweet fruit — like apples and peaches — are often paired with pork. In particular, try a sweet German wheat beer with your pork. 

So, next time you're planning out a menu, don't forget to think about the best beverage for the job. 

You'll have to take care of the beer, but we can help with the meat.

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