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The Meaning of “Market House”

The great American market houses have their roots in the centuries-old practice of market day, when farmers, anglers and hunters brought their produce to open-air markets. While smaller markets took place on weekends, larger-scale seasonal markets often took place every few months, and sometimes lasted for several days and took on the semblance of a fair.

August 9, 2018

In their heyday these markets offered a wide variety of produce, dairy goods, mill products, butchered meats and regional seafood. In addition, these seasonal markets featured livestock sales, stalls filled with handmade toys, aprons and sunbonnets, and even itinerant dentists who pulled teeth on the spot.

The great market houses of the 19th century sprang from these traditional events, and were eventually organized into full-time venues with vendors offering a wide variety of foodstuffs.

In America, a port city such as New York, Boston or San Francisco would pride itself on being the best place to buy fresh seafood. Likewise, a market hall in a major Midwestern city such as Chicago would take pride in being the best place to buy specialty cuts of high-grade beef.

Across the country, these market halls also had regular exhibitions where trained chefs would give specialty demonstrations on seafood cooking tips, as well as healthy cooking tips and techniques for everything from steaks to vegetables.

While iconic public markets are still in use today – think New York's Chelsea Market or the Fulton Fish Market, Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market, San Francisco's Ferry Building, Cleveland's West Side Market and L.A.'s Grand Central Market – we take pride in bringing the same quality of straight-from-the-source goods to your home.

Our selection of meats and seafood also represents a commitment to sustainability and humane practices. We only work with farms that meet our standards – namely non-GMO, organic and grass-fed options. By making the highest quality meats and seafood available to home chefs across the country, we can bring the market to your home.

You've always got a seat at our table.

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