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2021 is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with a feast fit for a fresh start? Since more people will be staying in this New Years, it's the perfect opportunity to make it as special as possible — and what's more special than a delicious feast? 

Our thoughts exactly. Luckily, we're here to help out with all of your feast planning inspiration so you can make the first day of 2021 a proper celebration. Here are our best ideas for a special meal to kick off 2021: 

Roast a whole chicken

Cooking a whole chicken in the oven will not only make your home smell amazing for hours, but it will also make you feel like you're having a fancy occasion meal without a ton of hands-on cooking time. Plus, if your New Year's resolution is to be less wasteful, you can also use this opportunity to make your own bone broth from the carcass. 

Slow cook a roast 

Talk about making your house smell amazing all day — a slow-cooked roast is great for feeding a crowd with little-to-no work involved. You can easily mix up flavors to suit preferences and you can even use your slow cooker to help prepare sides if you time it right. 

Set up a taco bar

Tacos are the ultimate crowd pleaser — but don't let the fact that they're a weekly staple for most families deter you from serving on the holiday. A DIY taco bar allows you to get creative and utilize some newer, more exciting ingredients. Swap your usual ground beef for steak tacos and add in shrimp to really mix things up. Feel free to also get creative with toppings — from homemade sauces, to cremas, to a crunchy slaw. 

Go for tradition

There are certain foods that promise good luck, prosperity and abundance when eaten on the first of the new year. For instance, eating pork is supposed to promote "progress" in the new year, which sounds both necessary and delicious to us. 

Make it surf and turf 

Why not go all out for 2021? Steak and lobster or chicken and shrimp both make decadent combinations that will make the night feel a little extra special. Pair them with a nice sauce and some flavorful sides and make a whole feast of it. 

Let's be honest: We could all use a change in 2021. Cooking up a feast is a great way to get a fresh year started on the right note. 

Then stock up to eat well all year long.

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