Bone-In or Boneless Ribeye: Which is Better?

It’s the best kind of debate! An argument with no right answer, so there’s no way to lose. With ribeyes, there’s some give and take when it comes to bone-in or boneless, but both, with some proper prep, will result in a top-notch steak experience. 

October 27, 2022
Bone-In or Boneless Ribeye: Which is Better?


There’s plenty of high-quality texture and flavor to be had with both bone-in and boneless ribeye. But, there are some points to note when choosing between the two. 

Cooking boneless ribeye allows your steak to develop a nice, crispy crust on the edge. Removing the bone from the ribeye gives you much more area for the steak itself to char, creating a delicious edge all the way around instead of the bone getting in your way. 

At the same time, taking the bone out can remove some of the flavors of your steak. Many in the cookout community swear that cooking a ribeye with the bone in allows for marrow flavors to seep from the bone into the meat. In particular, the yellow and red marrows in the bone can give your steak a more buttery, rich flavor. Sounds pretty good, right?


The bone in your steak also helps to insulate the meat during the cooking process, meaning you finish with a steak that’s been cooked at a lower temperature for longer. This keeps the steak moist and juicy, giving you a robust overall flavor when it’s time to eat.

It’s difficult to mimic this low-temperature cooking with a boneless ribeye, as you’ll have to be more careful with the temperature control. But, with careful attention, you can ensure your meat comes out just as juicy and flavorful without the bone.


The lower cooking temperatures of a bone-in ribeye, however, present some grill-time challenges. It can be difficult to achieve a medium or well-done steak with the bone still in. This is because the area around the bone is likely to be less done, and you’ll have to add cooking time regardless of how you enjoy your steak. 

Accounting for the cooling factor of the bone means you’ll spend more time behind the grill before you get to take that first bite. Worth it? If you’ve got a few extra minutes, it absolutely is!


Of course, the price difference between the two might factor into your decision. If you’re looking for a more-than-typically delicious weeknight dinner, then boneless is great for your grocery list. But, if you’re looking to celebrate, or boast a steak that looks particularly great on Instagram (be sure to tag us!), then you might find your winner with bone-in ribeye.

They’re Both Delicious!

It all depends on your mood and preference. And, at the end of the day, you’ll have to choose between bone-in delicious, or boneless delicious. You won’t be wrong either way.

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