5 Tips to Maximize the Health Benefits of Your Meat 

January 26, 2021
5 Tips to Maximize the Health Benefits of Your Meat 

We all know that meat offers a great source of protein and can easily be part of a healthy diet when consumed intentionally and with moderation. However, not all meat is created equal — and there are certain choices you can make to maximize the health benefits. 

Here are five tips to consider in order to make the meat you eat as healthy as possible. 

  • Know what you're eating. The more intel you have about your meat, the better. Knowing where it comes from and how the animals are raised can help you feel better about what you're putting in your body. Do your best to avoid potentially harmful additives, hormones and animal health conditions.

  • Mix it up. While red meat can certainly be part of a healthy diet, it is recommended to consume in moderation. Balance out your red meat consumption with leaner, low calorie proteins like chicken, fish and pork.

  • Consider the diet of the food you eat. While the saying "you are what you eat" may not be entirely accurate, it is accurate that you do eat what your food eats — at least second hand. Look for beef that is grass-fed and grass-finished and free-range poultry. That way, you can feel good about what you eat.

  • Be intentional with your cooking method. When you buy high-quality meat, the flavor can often stand alone. That means you don't need to cover it up with too much oil, butter or other high calorie sauces. Instead, opt for light marinades and cooking methods that maintain the integrity of the meat, like grilling or lightly sauteing.

  • Watch your portions. That classic "everything in moderation" comes into play here. When it comes to eating meat, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Aim for moderate portions that allow you to enjoy your favorites without overdoing it. 

First and foremost, getting the most health benefits from your meat starts with quality. We can help with that.

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