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Superior quality meats and seafood.

Elevate your home kitchen with premium cuts and catches from hardworking producers, not corporate conglomerates.

How it Works

Dinner when you say so.

meat being prepared

We only offer the finest beef, pork, chicken, king crab and fish that we can find.

Market House packaging

Free next day delivery on all orders over $150.

Person holding package

Packaging that's non-toxic and as eco-friendly as we could find.

Meating being cut

Everything is flash frozen for quality and ships with dry ice to stay that way.

A passion for quality and the determination to provide it.

Market House partners with farmers and fishers that are committed to sustainability and humane practices and our meats include grass-fed, non-GMO and organic options while our seafood is always wild caught and flash frozen for freshness.

farmhouse barn

Our selections include:

Our Promise:Our Promise:

Whether you've got a favorite cut or catch or you're looking to discover something new, Market House always offers the finest we can find.

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